Music as a living?

I love to play the flute, as you may know by now. I’m part of a “group” where we play folk music. There are only grown ups in the “group”, except me and another guy who is one year younger than me. Some of us play the fiddle, some play the flute (me and one other), one plays bass guitar, one plays guitar and one plays accordion. I really enjoy playing the flute in the “group”.

People tell me I’m really good at playing, I’ve been playing for six or seven years. The principal of the culture school (you can take classes in playing an instrument or theater etc. when you’re not at school) even told me that she may nominate me for a prize where you get money to improve your playing skills, for example by traveling to another country and learn about their culture within music. She said that she had noticed that I had improved a lot over the past time. And then she said I had to think about wether I want to make a living out of playing the flute.

Our “group” had a rehearsal today, and while we were playing, I started thinking about how it would be if I played the flute for a living. I just don’t know. I really love doing it, but I’m not sure if I want to do it to make money. I think I just want it as a hobby. But still, there’s a part of me that kind of wants to go further with it.

I need advice from you. I guess it can be kind of difficult to give advice about this. I’m just clueless. Any advice would be great right now.


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