Fear of judging

I’m writing a school essay, but I’m kind of scared of being judged for my work. I love writing, and I’m thinking of being a writer when I grow up, but how can I when I’m afraid of people’s opinion on an essay? I’m writing about a girl who lost her best friend (who died), and it’s mostly a really sad story. I’ve never lost anyone that was close to me, so I don’t really know how it is. I guess I’m just scared people will think I’m depressed or something, but I’m not, so why should I be afraid? Well, I’m gonna make that change. I’m gonna write that essay, and just take it from there.

Do you guys wanna read the essay? If you do, just leave a comment, and I’ll post it here. I need to get over my fear of people judging, and this may be a good place to start.