You wanna date? Or nah…?

Hey guys! So, now I fancy someone. A LOT. He’s amazing, and when I’m around him I get really nervous. I can’t help but wonder, though; Is he out of my league? I hope not. Is that even a thing? Being out of someone’s league? Or is that just in movies? I don’t know… Anyway, I think I’m gonna ask him out. If I can man up (or woman up, I tried to be funny…) enough to do it.

something else has also got into my mind lately: I want to write a book. Not just a normal book, but a book that I write throughout my whole life. A self-biography, yes, but quite different. I’m thinking I’ll write a new chapter each year, so that it is as if the reader follows me through my entire life. I don’t know, it sounds exciting for me, at least. Let me know if you would read such a book. 🙂

Oh, and one last thing: Welcome, my dear new followers! And welcome aboard to S.S. Weirdness! That was weird, I’m sorry… :3


U rock, byyee!


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