I’m not feeling too well today. I’m not sick. I just feel… awful. I’ve been nearly shaking all day and I have no idea why. Or, that’s a lie. I think I might know.

I think I might have anxiety. A friend of mine recently found out she has it, and we talked about it. A lot of the signs she had for anxiety, I have as well. She said I should talk to my parents, and today I told my dad. He said it was probably nothing, that it is normal to be shy, especially in my age (15). Just that some people are more shy and nervous than others.

I don’t know. Maybe it’ll go over some day. I hope so, because today was horrible. I’m feeling better now, though.

Do you have anxiety, or think you might have it? Let me know. Leave a comment, I don’t mind. I’d love it. Great, now I sound desperate… oh well. Talk to you fellas later.



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