An explanation of the previous post

Hey guys, so if you’ve read my last post, you might have a couple of questions. I just suddenly felt the urge to explain. So: I feel like I’m disconnecting again. Have I mentioned my disconnecting before? If I haven’t, here we go:

You probably know that I’ve felt rather… down… a coupe of times while I’ve had this blog. Have I been depressed? I have no idea, I don’t think so. However, I’ve experienced that I’ve simply disconnected from life a couple of times. Now, by ¨disconnected¨ I mean stopped thinking about stuff, because all the thinking makes me upset. When I start thinking, see, I rarely stop thinking until I’m crying. (that is, when I start thinking about something special/something that bothers me etc. You get my point, right?) And yeah, I think I’m about to disconnect again, because I can’t really handle all these thoughts and then it’s much easier to just take a break from the thoughts and just disconnect…

Do you understand what I’m trying to say? If you do, thank you. If you don’t, that’s okay, I did my best to try and explain.

So, the previous post here was just something I wrote a couple of minutes ago, because it felt like my head would explode, and I know the text is rather weird, but it’s the way I feel…

Thanks for reading, guys, I appreciate it, although I don’t know if anyone reads these…

Stay happy, stay awkward :3


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