Left Again

This stuff is very… yeah… it’s good… It’s great. It made a strong impression o.O ❤

HarsH ReaLiTy

Replays of a forgotten past trying desperately to be remembered. I see fleeting images before my sleeping eyes. A reel of time that spins with desperation to reach the end. How desperately I reach out to the slow its movement if only for a second. Stopping the beating of my life so I can catch my breath. Breathless because each atom around me belongs to another. I search for meaning within the meaning of others. A life still not my own.

Left again… must I always be left? Why can’t I for once leave you? Leaving you to feel what it is like to be so very small. To watch as the towers of reality walk around your inconceivable dilemma. Will someone hear your wail of need or ignore it as you ignored mine the day you walked away. Leaving me to be left again, an endless reel of time I…

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