Seeing someone get hurt

Hey guys. Long time, no see, right? I think so…

Anyhow, today I am going to write to you about a big fear of mine at the time: I fear that one of my best friends will get seriously hurt because of some douchebag. So, I am going to explain this to you, from the beginning.

It started a year ago  or something like that. She (my friend) had feelings for him (the douchebag). Now, I have never been much of a fan of this guy, because I have always thought he looks kind of arrogant. However, I do noot know him so I decided not to judge the book by its cover. So this guy did some things that were certain signs that he was into my friend as well, and of course she was so happy. They texted a lot, there were a bunch of flirting (and some… pictures… she told me this later on) and she was thrilled. I was also happy for them and was shipping them. Maybe this guy isn’t such a bad guy after all?

Then, one day, my friend gathered courage enough to talk about relationship stuff with him. What did he reply with? He was NOT into her at all, not like that. Apparently, he was just ¨testing her boundaries¨. This made me very angry, and I was convinced she would stop talking to this jerk. But no; she kept talking to him and they both sent pictures… and stuff… And I could not at all understand this. However I figured I would let her follow her feelings.

A long time passed, and I started hating this dude more and more. He insulted her all the time, he insulted her FRIENDS (like, he said we were all super childish and stuff. Apparently, being happy and NOT fucking mysterious and shit, is the same as being childish. Alright, the more you know…..) Now, I’ve told her this many times: I do not care that he thinks I am like this or that. However, when he insults HER. STRAIGHT. TO. HER. OWN. FACE. That’s when I get real pissed off. I will not have any man (or woman…) disrespecting my best friend! Buuuuut, she didn’t seem to mind. She even told me she agreed; we were all childish. And she was often being dramatic about stuff. I did NOT agree.

Jumping in time, to a couple of weeks ago. He wanted her to visit him. I did not hear about her visit for a long time (which means about a week or something) because she knows that I do not like him. I made it clear to her that I want to hear about these things although I do not like him. It is the frindship codex: We tell each other these things.So she told me all about her romantic visit. Apparently, he now seems to be into her again, and not just as a friend. I do not belive this for one moment. I am so afraid he will hurt her badly, worse than the last time (which was pretty bad). The others in the friend group agree: We do not like him and he is bad for her. He has done this several times before to her: Luring her in, flirting, all these things, and then going ¨Oh, you really think I would want to date YOU? Grow up, I am above you.¨ It just hurts so bad to think that she might get totally heartbroken one day.

It’s all these changes she makes to make him like her, you know. I fear that she will lose herself, possibly push us all away if things get out of hand. He is manipulating her, and she seems totally fine with it. Probably because she des not realise it herself. Ever since they started talking she has changed in a way. I miss the good old friend I once had. Lately I have been starting to doubt that I can even call her my best friend anymore. And I dare not to tell her what I fer will happen, because I am certain she will get upset and defensive and angry with me, and the last thing I want to do is push her away. I want to protect her. I wish I knew that she is smarter than this, but I cannot know this.

Help me, guys, is there anything I can do here? Anything at all? I am desperate, because I see everything getting out of hand already. I do not want her to break down, I  cannot even stand the thought of it.

Even if you experience hard times:

Stay happy, stay awkward


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