Nothing special, really

Hey guys! Long time no see! If you want to know why I haven’t been here for… God knows how long… I don’t have any valid reasons. Sorry.

Well, lately everything’s been good. Or, well, at least average. I downloaded this app that tracks my mood to figure out how good a life I’ve got (you know, mood-wise), and ever since then, things have felt better. I think long and hard about how every day has been, what positive and what negative sides there have been to that day. So in average, my mood is alright. I recommend doing something like this (I suppose it’s basically just a diary, but I’m too lazy to be writing a bunch of stuff every day…). The results (at least for me) were surprisingly positive.

I’ve started talking to this guy I met a while back. He’s awesome. However, we are not flirting or anything. You see, he has a girlfriend. I was kind of disappointed when he said it, but of course I still want to talk to him and become better friends. It’s very easy to talk to him. If only he lived in my town, you know. Who knows, maybe we’d be dating (which probably would end bad because let’s be real; not a lot of teenage relationships last) or we’d be good friends. 🙂

I finally managed to cry a couple of weeks ago. I’ll be completely honest here: for some reason I have not been able to cry when I feel like it. In fact, I haven’t been crying for several months, not until that time at least. Now I am glad I’ve gotten over this careless phase, it was pretty bad. I didn’t really feel anything, I cared less than I wish I did. I actually mostly cared about the fact that I didn’t really care about a lot of stuff. But hey, that’s in the past now.

Today’s one of those thinking days. It was an alright day, but later in the evening, my head just started thinking. Not about anything in particular, but it made me kind of like… uhm… thoughtful? Well, I just locked myself into my own brain for a little while, but I think I’m better now.

Other than that, there’s no exciting news. I’m sorry, I promise that I’ll update you if anything worth writing about shows up… or if I just feel like writing something.

Until next time,
Stay happy, stay awkward ^_^


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