What the heck’s wrong with me?

I mean, am I mentally and/or emotionally unstable? Can someone please explain this to me? What is going on??

Hey guys. So, I’ve had a great day. Top notch, good banter. Played at a concert too. It was fun. All in all, a good day. Until nightfall. I have no idea why, but my mood dropped faster than… I don’t even know what, but it dropped fast. Like, I felt fine one moment, then, the next moment, I felt so angry! It was like, I just felt annoyed and angry at first, but then it evolved to near-breakdown-motherfucking-rage-mode. I just wanted to scream and hit something. And then, without warning, near-breakdown-motherfucking-rage-mode evolved to crying-out-of-frustration-mode. I mean what?? Is this normal? Well, I’m quite sure it’s  not normal, but have any of you guys felt the same way?

Maybe it was just a one time thing? Maybe I just have a lot of feelings wanting to come out after my period of not caring? Speaking of period; maybe It’s almost that time of the month? I mean, I usually feel very down, sad & stuff right before it, and maybe this is something my body does just to get some change? Let’s just hope it’s that fucking period that’s messing me up again. It’s just as terrifying every goddamn time, because every time, I think I’m getting depressed or something.

Okay, so, mystery solved? Perhaps. Let’s hope so. I’ll let you guys know if  figure that I was right. Oh, and a question for all you females out there: What do you experience before and during your period? By that I mean apart from the obvious blood flowing out of your vagina, as if that wasn’t already quite obvious… Okay that was all byeee!

Stay happy, stay awkward.


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