Work it!

Hey guys!

So, I haven’t written anything in, like, forever. Well, I’m here now, so… Surprise! Sorry about being weird right now but that’s how I become when I’ve had lots of candy and it’s getting late (21:30) but deal with it okay, cuz dat’s jus’ da way I live, yo. Ok…

So, I’ve started working out a little bit. As a 15 year old girl, looking good is VEEEEERY important, you know? And, I’m NOT exactly the slimmest or fittest or the one with the most booty or the biggest boobies, but hey, it’s never too late to try, right?

So, it’s not like I go to the gym and lift and stuff, but I’ve been jogging for five-six days in a row, and doing squats and sit-ups, and trying to do some push-ups every day. :3

So, it’s one week since I started this workout shit, and I must say that I feel much more confident already, although you probably can’t even see any difference.

Yet, here I am, eating candy, feeling like shit because I’m sooo unhealthy… But it’s sooo good… Just a little crisps… And a little chocolate… Well, some days with jogging makes up for it, right? RIGHT? :\

I just noticed that almost every paragraph starts with “so,” hahahaha dat’s funny, not funny, I’m tired, sorry not sorry byyyeee…